Can you hook up an amp to car speakers

Proper ways to hook up dual voice coil, daisy chain, & multiple speakers --- please read very carefully the amplifer specs--- typically, a 2ohm capable amp can only handle that load in stereo mode, not bridged. When you identify a wire that is 12v when placing the car key on the acc position (usually red) connect the blue wire to this wire and to the terminal marked remote on at the amp you can install a switch on the blue cable, otherwise the amplifier will turn on each time you turn on the car. Connect audio wires from the amp to your speakers to keep it simple, let's say you have one 12 speaker you will need to take your audio wire and attach the red or (+) and the black (-) to the matching color code on your speaker after you do that, connect the other end of the dual wire to the corresponding (+) and (-) on the car amp make sure the (+) and (-) you connect to are alongside each other, unless you are bridging the amp check to see if connection is good. If all of the speakers have a common impedance, you can simply divide the common impedance by the total number of speakers to get the net impedance examples: two 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel will have a net impedance of (8 divided by 2) 4 ohms if you have three speakers, each at 8ohms, divide 8 by three to get a total impedance of 266ohms.

The short answer is that you can use any number or combination of power amps in a car audio setup as long as you wire them in properly the main proviso is that the charging system has to be able to provide enough juice in the first place. If your amp can only handle an 8 ohm impedance, you can take 2 4 ohm subwoofers, connect them together in a series circuit, then you will have 8 ohm impedance the best subs to use are car subs, bar none. How to install a car amp correctly installing an amplifier is not particularly easy, but it is an important part of getting a quality sound and avoiding technical mishaps installing an amp can be done without the help of a professional, allowing you to get great sound without an installation fee. If you have decided to venture into car audio system upgrading,you’re going to need to know how to install the tweeters tweeters are a sort of speakers designed to cover high frequencies that typical speakers can’t reach.

Yes the amp you have will power the speakers but only provide 400w shared between all of them by adding extra speakers to the circuit, your 6x9's may not be as loud as they were previously. Corey, you can definitely hook up each of those speakers to a separate channel of that amp, that'll be the preferable way be sure to secure the speaker boxes to your vehicle you don't want them flying around dangerously in the event of an sudden stop or accident. There is less resistance to the current, and the speakers can draw more power from the amp drawing more power than the amplifier was designed for will damage the amp every amplifier is designed to handle a certain load. But you do need to make sure your home stereo unit can handle the lower impedance of most car speakers the typical car speaker is four ohms and most home receivers are designed for eight ohms you would either need a receiver capable of driving four ohms or you would need to wire a pair of identical drivers in series to get eight ohms.

1 choose a subwoofer speaker system and amplifier that fits your car's current system and meets your audio needs you have two basic options: you can purchase a separate amplifier and speaker or you can purchase a powered subwoofer with a built-in amplifier. You can wire two amplifiers, or even multiple amps, in one car audio system, but it takes some extra planning the main factors that you need to consider when you wire in two or more amps are how you will deal with the power cable, grounding each amp, and whether or not the remote turn-on signal from your head unit is strong enough to split between multiple amps. When you identify a wire that is 12v when placing the car key on the acc position (usually red) connect the blue wire to this wire and to the terminal marked remote on at the amp you can install a switch on the blue cable, otherwise the amplifier will turn on each time you turn on the car finally connect the black wire to the ground terminal of the amplifier and connect it to any unpainted metal part that is connected to the chassis of the car. As you can see, if you are organized and know how to match colors, you can hook up speakers to your amp without too much trouble if you still run into a problem, read the manuals that came with your gear or call the manufacturers for help.

Make a car stereo for the speakers in a car stereo you would need a speaker from amazon home speakers without an external nov 15, home theater systems, 1999 - hi all car subs can also choose to the car audio systems. If you're fitting subwoofer speakers in a box, mounting the amplifier on the side of the box is a good option mount them up high to avoid damage and maximize airflow. Step multiply the impedance levels of the two left speakers divide this number by the number from step 3 if the quotient is within the limits of your amplifier, wire the speakers in parallel if it is not, you will not be able to use the speakers with your amplifier. You need to know the wattage load that the car stereo can hold first to be sure the speakers can handle the power check the manual for the stereo specs and check the amp outage specs.

Can you hook up an amp to car speakers

Because most speakers are rated to 8 ohms, you can generally connect many speaker to one amp without any problems 3 connect all mids and highs with the same power and ground. Connect:amp is a wireless stereo amp that you can use to stream your favorite digital music to your favorite pair of speakers connect:amp turns your favorite pair of passive (ie non-powered, non-amplified) speakers into a streaming machine so you can teach them some amazing new tricks. The connect:amp can support between 4 and 16 ohm loads, so if youre wiring four speakers, they must be wired in parallel and the attached speakers must be 8 ohms lowest allowed is 4 ohm pro channel.

It's a flameq 1800 watts peak and the amp 1800 watts peak i put it on a 25 amp power converter ac to dc if i add a capacitor do you think that will help, i have a 2 farad if i add the capacitor, i can connect a ground from the capacitor to the power converter and another from the capacitor to the amp right thanks. Now how my amp is i had to bridge each woofer( sits at 4 ohmactually 37 but just round it) into 2 channels to get proper power and also since my woofers are at 4 ohm i jsut put speaker wire into the positive of the woofer into the positive of the 1st channeland the woofer negativeto the negative of the 2nd channel.

Can you use 8 ohm speakers on a 4 ohm stereo system yes the ohms rating stated on an amplifier is generally the minimum, not maximum note that if the power rating of an amplifier is rated at x watts at 4 ohms, the maximum output at 8 ohms can be as little x/2 or one half the rated output at 4 ohms. A line output convertor is going to convert the sound from one of your car stereos speakers to a signal that an amplifier can understand often times, amplifiers come with this part built in, but usually it’s not as high quality as the separate line output convertors that you can buy. You can easily connect virtually any phone to an amp, provided that you use a 35mm jack to phono cable simply plug the jack into your phone, and the other end (the red and white plugs) into your. Since you doubled the resistance, you now get half of the power, so you now have 10 watts @ 8 ohms split up by two speakers so you went from having a speaker getting 20 watts to a pair of speakers getting 5 watts each.

Can you hook up an amp to car speakers
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